boatstop_bannerBig Item Storage prides itself on making it easy for RV and boat owners to store their property easily and securely. But RVs and boats aren’t the only things you can store with us! Large storage units are great options for many situations and items that just won’t fit in a traditional storage unit or take up too much space in your garage.

Our drive-up units are perfect for storing vehicles, motorcycles, and even farm equipment. Have an old vehicle you want to work on? Many homeowners’ associations frown on having it on your property, but our large storage units can handle it!

Horse owners will love being able to easily store their trailers. You can drive up to the storage unit and back the trailer right in. You can do the same with open trailers full of equipment. For example, landscapers can store all their equipment and their trailer quickly and securely without having to load and unload items. Vendors who have enclosed trailers to take their merchandise to festivals and markets would also benefit from our easy-access units.

Remodeling your home? Instead of renting multiple storage units or storage pods, why not get a large unit from Big Item? You can fit all your furniture and boxes into the unit and pay one monthly rate, knowing your possessions are secure.

Of course, you can store boats at Big Item, but there’s also plenty of space for other water vehicles like jet skis, kayaks, and other equipment. Why take up space in your garage for items you only use seasonally?

Whether you’re storing your boat, RV, or other large items, Big Item Storage can accommodate your needs. Both our Rockport and Corpus Christi locations are clean and secure. For more information or to reserve your spot, check out our website here or call us at 361-937-2423 (Corpus) or 361-238-7177 (Rockport).