During the warmer months, boat owners can’t wait to get out on the water. However, during the cooler months, their boats sit in storage. You’ve made a large investment in your boat, so why not get more use out of it?

With the Coastal Bend’s mild winters, fishing is a year-round activity. One way to make it even more enticing is participating in tournaments. You’ll meet fellow anglers and increase your skills. You’ll also enjoy using your boat for a different experience than you’re used to.

Of course winning a prize is great, but tournaments are more about the challenge, improving your skills, and being around like-minded people. You’ll find tournaments for every age and skill level. Some are single day or weekend events, but others are progressive and tally up the catches from several weeks or months. There are also team events where multiple people participate from one boat or multiple boats count as a team. You’ll be happy to get more use out of your boat and may even find that tournaments become a regular part of your boating life.

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