If you’re fishing all year, you might not think too much about the best way to store your gear. However, even the most avid anglers don’t fish every day. So keeping your equipment clean and protected is a must.

Fishing rods require a little TLC to maintain. Watch for loose or exposed wraps so you can replace them. You’ll also want to replace any grooved or worn guides. Extreme temperatures can cause the rods to bend. Storing them horizontally can do the same.

The reels are often neglected when cleaning fishing equipment. The best method for caring for them is to completely disassemble them. Clean all of the parts thoroughly, including handles and all hardware. Don’t forget to replace worn or old parts and lubricate everything well before reassembling.

While your rods and reels are your most important equipment, you shouldn’t neglect your accessories either. Lures, hooks, and tackle should be inspected, cleaned, and dried well before storing. Same with any tools you use. Don’t forget to sharpen dull hooks and filet knives. Lastly, inspect your waders and boots for leaks and wear. A flashlight can help you locate tiny holes that might not be visible.

A little time spent before you store your gear makes all the difference.

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